Our video guide to the best gifts to get your partner this V-Day.

Greater than the roar of a thousand lions, colder than air conditioners in a Singapore cinema, and wilder than customers in a Go Jek cab (Is it because I’m Chinese?!) will be your partner this Valentine’s Day if you—dare you even entertain the idea—throw caution to the wind and mindlessly pass off V-Day as just any other day. My dear friend, it is not.

Sure, she might have dangled the comforting carrots of ‘just get me anything’ or ‘don’t make it a big deal’ in front of you, but take a bite from that root vegetable and you will be rightfully rooted as a result (and not in a good way).

So what should you do? One word: Cartier. Whether it’s the deep glow of gold emanating from a Juste un Clou bracelet or the shimmer of diamonds dancing off a Love ring, that band of sunshine wrapped around her wrist or finger will keep paying dividends. She will marvel at its luxurious lustre. She will smile at its instant heirloom status. She will remember you for your impeccable taste. In short, you would have earned yourself a lifetime of brownie points. Win.

But like any main course, any piece of Cartier jewellery is best served with a thoughtful side. Flowers or chocolate? Strawberries or lipstick? Click on the icons below to find out what we recommend.


Flowers are always a good idea, until they’re not. (Don’t settle for the batting average boys.) Lipsticks? It’s as personal as choosing ties—don’t go there. That’s why we’re advocating things that make her go ‘hmmm’. Not just the title of a 90s hit song but also a dating rule of thumb: the best way to someone’s heart is always through their stomach.

Need some jewellery stacking advice? For a modern look, mix yellow and white gold Love bangles and rings anchored with a two-tone Santos de Cartier timepiece (chocolate video); for something more demure, pair a stainless steel Santos timepiece with a Juste un Clou bangle and Love bracelet in white gold (flowers video); for an eclectic combination, consider a Drive de Cartier timepiece with a Juste un Clou ring and a Santos bracelet in white gold (lipstick video); for a virile stack, try the Tank Cintrée watch with a white gold Love bangle (strawberry video); and, for those who love to make a statement, hit it out of the park with a Santos de Cartier timepiece, Ecrou bracelet, large Love ring and Love bangle all in glistening yellow gold (steak video). Home run.


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