The fantasy here – any fantasy, in fact – is what fuels fashion. It's all cosplay. For the Ivy League Pool Boys, there's Ralph Lauren, and Armani. For the wavy garmers, Alltimers, a brand that even released a baggier Pool Boy short called the 'yacht rentals'. And, of course, CDLP, and Hotel Poros, and Ron Dorff. Which isn't to say it's all true. Like threesomes, mortgages and McDonald's delivery on UberEats, the fantasy of the Pool Boy is perhaps better than the reality. That doesn't stop us dressing like one, though.

The only reality is that the doe-eyed, big-armed Pool Boy doesn't need your pity. On the contrary: "It's the essence of how we want to look and feel in summer," says Hotel Poros' Tetikis. "Ultimately, it's who we want to be."

This story first appeared on Esquire UK.